Imagine being able to earn money from something that you love doing.

If numbers and knitting make you happy then tech editing could be just your thing.

If you want to become a tech editor, there isn't a clear path. You could do a lot of trial-and-error, read a lot of incomplete posts about it, take classes that teach you some things but not others, and then try to convince designers to hire you. With a lot of time and a lot of patience that path can totally work. But there's got to be a better way, right?

I got started tech editing shortly after my first kiddo was born (nearly eight years ago). I was a stay-at-home-mom trying to find a way to earn a bit of income without needing to spend money on childcare. In the early days, the only free time I had was when he was napping but by the time he was 11 months old I had built up my business into a real source of income. But I knew that I could have gotten off to much better start if I had been able to get help understanding what was expected of me and how to do the best possible job for my clients. So, in March 2013, I decided to create that resource for others and launched Learn To Tech Edit. Since then I've taught hundreds of knitters to become tech editors and seen them grow and blossom and make new careers for themselves as they go on to work with designers, magazines, book publishers, and yarn companies.

So what makes my course so special? Well when you go through Learn To Tech Edit, you can become a tech editor that designers trust in just a couple months. Whether you're staying home with your kids or you want to start your own empire, this class will get you started. 

Through the lessons and assignments I will teach you the basic editing skills you need to start out as a tech editor. You will know how much to charge and how much work you can fit in your schedule. You will be able to start earning money from something you are really enthusiastic about. 

with this course, you can learn the skills and tools that you need to create a new career path for yourself. 

The course will cover:

  • Module 1: Expectations of a Tech Editor
  • Module 2: Understanding Style Sheets
  • Module 3: Basic Number Checks
  • Module 4: Checking Charts
  • Module 5: Socks & Short Rows
  • Module 6: Checking Garments 
  • Module 7: Creating a Tech Editing Business
  • Module 8: Marketing

There are over 20 videos, 10 assignments (including 8 sample patterns), and worksheets to go along with each written lesson. This course is packed full of information but should you have any questions I tried to do Q&As in the Facebook group at least a couple times a month. (The videos from these sessions go up on the course platform so even if you chose not to participate on Facebook you won't miss the information.)


What are people saying about this course?

Kathleen Dames, Designer

"While you can figure out how to be a tech editor on your own, there are benefits to learning from someone with experience. I've worked with Joeli as a tech editor in the past. When hiring tech editors now, I know they are serious when they have taken Joeli's class -- it's a real badge for rising tech editors."

Tricia Gilbert, Tech Editor

"The feedback from Joeli and the detailed lessons were invaluable as I took on more clients and gained experience. The courses I've done with Joeli were an excellent investment and really helped me expand my editing business. As well as growing my independent designer portfolio, I'm now a technical editor for Knit Now and Essential Knits magazines, and I've edited patterns for all sorts of designers, from those just starting out to some of the established names in the field. Thanks to Joeli, I've found that the knitting industry is a great place to work, and I love what I do!"

Lisa Beth Houchins, Tech Editor

"Joeli's courses helped me figure out that a tech editing career would be a really good fit for me, plus they gave me a solid background in tech editing knitting patterns and the practice and confidence I needed to get started. One year after completing the courses, I've tech edited almost 100 patterns for dozens of designers, many of whom have become my regular clients. I love it that I've found a dream job that combines knitting, math, and working with people."

Jessica Hidden, Tech Editor

"After being interested in tech editing for quite some time I started researching the field and how people go started. Every quality tech editor it seemed took Joeli's course to get started. For some reason I doubted myself and my ability at first. After taking the leap to invest in myself and sign up for the class I have never looked back. I learned all the skills I needed and them some. It was a worthy investment in myself. It's great working with such a large group of talented and supportive tech editors."


spots are open until January 28th, 2018

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I'm not really sure what a tech editor does...

You can get my free "Could You Be a Tech Editor?" guide and get more information about the course by signing up here:

How long does the course last?
The course officially lasts 8 weeks but you get lifetime access to the material. 

I’m a designer and want to improve my pattern writing skills. Is this course for me? 
Many designers have taken this course and told me that the course improved their awareness of clarity and error finding. They also liked learning what is good to leave in and what can be taken out/edited. In short, it helps them be better clients for their tech editors, which is always a good thing. However it is really aimed at people looking to become tech editors and so is a little overkill for designers!

I only crochet, is this course for me? 
Yes and no. All the assignments are based on knitting patterns so you might struggle with that. But the ideas and theory are sound and applicable to crochet.

I have a degree in [insert your relevant field here], can’t I just start tech editing and learn as I go? 
Of course you can! I took my degree in mathematics and built my career upon that. I firmly believe it is our natural skills (comfortable with numbers, eye for detail, perfectionism) that make us great editors and not a specific knowledge set. But sometimes we need encouragement and support when we learn a new skill. We want to learn from someone who’s been there before and be sure we are doing it right and going in with our best foot forward. That’s what this course is for. 

Is there really room for more tech editors? 
Yes there is! There are constantly new designers coming on to the scene and there are constantly tech editors leaving it for one reason or another. I'm confident we haven't reached saturation point yet. :)