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"At first, I hesitated a little bit due to the cost. But as I searched for information, tools & resources, I found that there was hardly any information out there on technical editing as applied to knitting. Joeli's course is the most complete, thoroughly organised, and best presented resource available. 

I had been a little concerned at first about coming across as a bossy know-it-all, or that my comments might make designers feel I was attacking their work. Joeli not only teaches but demonstrates how to interact with designers professionally in a way that communicates respect but is also helpful and accurate. I found that both exciting and reassuring!

After completing the course, I feel that I have options and an opportunity to start making my dream of running my own business in the knitting industry come alive!"


"When I decided to branch out with my freelance editiing business to embrace my knitting obsession, I searched for information about technical editing and was excited to find Joeli's Learn to Tech Edit course. The modules led me through the basics of tech editing and allowed me to feel confident that I could take on designing clients with any type of knitting pattern. 

The feedback from Joeli and the detailed lessons were invaluable as I took on more clients and gained experience. The courses I've done with Joeli were an excellent investment and really helped me expand my editing business. As well as growing my independent designer portfolio, I'm now a technical editor for Knit Now and Essential Knits magazines, and I've edited patterns for all sorts of designers, from those just starting out to some of the established names in the field. Thanks to Joeli, I've found that the knitting industry is a great place to work, and I love what I do!"


"I took Joeli's Learn to Tech Edit courses, and I'm so glad I did! As a long time knitter and designer, I knew there was a market for someone to help knitwear designers publish clear, correct patterns, but I didn't know how one went about becoming a technical editor. Joeli's courses helped me figure out that a tech editing career would be a really good fit for me, plus they gave me a solid background in tech editing knitting patterns and the practice and confidence I needed to get started. One year after completing the courses, I've tech edited almost 100 patterns for dozens of designers, many of whom have become my regular clients. I love it that I've found a dream job that combines knitting, math, and working with people."


"I knew I wanted to be a tech editor, and am very grateful that Joeli's classes were suggested to me and that I took them. She is so skilled and does a beautiful job of organizing and explaining ALL the things you'll run into, and how to handle it all, and the lessons are perfect. There was so much I didn't know and hadn't thought of. I am a much more skilled and confident tech editor because of my experience with Joeli."


"After being interested in tech editing for quite some time I started researching the field and how people go started. Every quality tech editor it seemed took Joeli's course to get started. For some reason I doubted myself and my ability at first. After taking the leap to invest in myself and sign up for the class I have never looked back. I learned all the skills I needed and them some. It was a worthy investment in myself. It's great working with such a large group of talented and supportive tech editors."